Winter Sports

Winter sports: The Ultimate Guide

We've listed the top 4 winter sports countries for you: Austria, France, Italy and Germany. Click on the button to read more information about a specific country. Each country is divided into different ski areas.

Winter sports in Austria

Winter sports Austria mountains snow

View of snowy peaks and villages in the valley. Active in the fresh outdoor air. Relax in a cozy mountain hut or in the sun on the terrace. Wonderful, isn't it, winter sports? Skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing or a beautiful winter hike. Austria is 'the place to be' during the winter months.

Austria offers in winter a beautiful nature, lots of fun and delicious traditional dishes. And all that close to the Netherlands. Almost every ski area in Austria is easily accessible by car, public transport and plane. A winter sport in Austria guarantees the best ski areas in Europe.

Winter sports in France

Winter sports France mountains snow

Active in the fresh outside air. View of snowy mountains. Delicious food in a cozy hut on the mountain. And then in the afternoon or evening time for a drink or exuberant après-ski. During the winter months it is excellent to stay with our southern neighbours.

Winter sports in France guarantees a top holiday in the snow. Both for skiers, snowboarders, cross-country skiers and winter hikers. Did you know that in France you can find the largest ski area in the world?
The winter sports destinations in France are easily accessible by car, public transport and plane. The airports of Geneva, Grenoble and Turin, for example, are close to several French winter sports areas.

Winter sports in Italy

Winter sports Italy mountains with snow

Enjoy sports in the fresh Italian outdoors. Beautiful views over the snowy peaks of the Dolomites or Alps. Good food in a mountain hut on the slopes. And not to forget fun après-ski after all that effort.

Winter in Italy is a must for anyone who loves winter sports in a beautiful and cozy environment. Ideal for snowboarders, skiers, cross country skiers, winter hikers. Did you know that in the Dolomites you can also enjoy ice climbing?

Winter sports in Germany

Winter sports Germany snow and trees

Germany is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to get acquainted with winter sports in beautiful surroundings. Skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, winter hiking, delicious food and enjoy the German coziness. It's all possible at our eastern neighbours.

Winter sports in Germany is ideal for beginners and children. However, there is also plenty to do for advanced skiers. In addition, the German ski resorts are often cheap and easily accessible.

The ski resorts in Germany are almost all easily accessible by car. The mountains in Germany are not too high. In other words, no busy mountain passes and hairpin bends! Especially Winterberg and Willingen-Ettelsberg in western Germany (Sauerland) are very close to the Netherlands. Already after a few hours drive you are on the slats!

Diverse German ski areas can also be easily reached by train or plane.

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