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City trip Prague: The Ultimate Guide

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Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and is one of the 20 most visited cities in the world. The city has a rich history. The historic city centre of Prague is even listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In Prague you can visit various sights, such as the Prague Castle, the Petrin Hill and the famous Charles Bridge. In addition, the city is known for its cozy farmer's markets, good food, excellent nightlife and the overall nice atmosphere. Prague is also one of the cheapest cities in Europe.

1. Prague: characteristics

Do you want to go on a city trip to Prague for a day, weekend or week? Do you want to know what there is to do in Prague? The characteristics of the Czech capital can be found in the table below. In this article we have listed the most popular sights of Prague for you.


PragueCzech Republic

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City trip Prague

Land Czech Republic
Number of inhabitants Prague 1.3 million
Number of international tourists per year 6.4 million
Flight travel time (direct flight) 1 hour and 30 minutes
Currency Czech Crown
Language Czech
Time difference with the Netherlands No
Price level Layer
Distance from Utrecht 850 kilometers
Best travel period Lente, autumn
Climate Mild terrestrial climate
Activities City, culture, art, history, shopping

2. Staré Město or the Old Town of Prague

Sint-Nicolas Church and the Bethlehem Chapel are popular attractions in the Old Town of Prague. An attraction not to be missed is the Astronomical Clockwork at the Old Town Hall.

Old Town of Prague Old Town

In the Old Town you can also find the Jewish quarter: Josefov. From the 12th to the 19th century, Jews were only allowed to live in this part of Prague. In the Jewish quarter there are several synagogues that are worth a visit. The Jewish cemetery is also a special piece of history. It is estimated that there are about 12.0000 old tombstones here. A lot of graves were buried on top of each other, so the number of graves is much higher. At the exit of the cemetery you will find a beautiful ceremony hall.

The sights in the Jewish quarter are close together. That is why the Jewish Museum is sometimes referred to. It used to be one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Prague. Nowadays there are modern houses and apartments in Art Nouveau style.

Synagogue Prague Synagogue

3. Walk over the historic Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is the oldest bridge in Prague and owes its name to Charles IV. This emperor ordered the bridge to be built in 1358 and even personally laid the foundation stone. The bridge takes you from the Old Town over the Vltava River to the district of Mala Strana. Statues of famous people adorn the walking route on both sides. You can only enter the bridge on foot. It is crowded all day long. There are artists trying to sell their works and street artists showing their talent. In the evening, Charles Bridge is an important meeting place for local youth.

4. Malá Strana with Child Jesus of Prague, Wallenstein and the John Lennon Wall

Kindje Jezus van Prague is a wax figure about half a metre high from the 16th century. Every year many believers pray to the Infant Jesus because it would work miracles. The statue has an extensive wardrobe and even a small crown. The Infant Jesus is regularly dressed up. The complete wardrobe can be viewed in a small museum in the church. Albrecht von Wallenstein. This commander-in-chief of the imperial troops had a lot of power and wealth. With the Wallenstein Palace he wanted to surpass the Prague Castle. This cost him dearly, because because of high treason Wallenstein was murdered by order of Emperor Ferdinand II.

The palace has several wings, a large riding school and a beautiful garden. The large hall with statues and paintings is particularly impressive. In the past, more than 700 people lived there. Nowadays, Wallenstein Palace is home to the Senate of the Czech Republic.

John Lennon Wall John Lennon Wall

5. Prague Castle with the Royal Palace, St. Vitus Cathedral and Golden Street

North of the district Malá Strana you will find the Prague Castle. This is a collection of churches, museums, towers, palaces and beautiful gardens. It is one of Prague's most popular attractions and is the largest castle in the world. You can explore the castle complex on your own or opt for a guided tour. The most important building within the Prague Castle is St. Vitus Cathedral. The architecture is a mix of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance. Inside, the cathedral is decorated with rubies and sapphires.

Franz Kafka lived and worked for some time at house number 22. The Royal Palace is also worth a visit. Here there is an exhibition on the history of the Prague Castle. In the Daliborka Tower you will find a museum about medieval torture techniques. Seen enough buildings? Then walk around in the beautiful gardens of the castle.

Prague CastlePrague Castle

6. Discover the Petrin Hill

Directly west of the district Mala Strana lies the Petrin Hill. This is the highest of the city's seven hills and a fine green recreation area for locals and tourists alike. In the park you will find beautiful fruit trees, winding footpaths and lawns. You can take your legs to the top or get in the cable car. From the hilltop you have a beautiful view over the city. Especially if you take the trouble to climb the watchtower. The Petrin watchtower is 60 meters high and has 299 steps. Some of the sights in this park in Prague are the colourful and fragrant rose garden, the mirror maze with laughing mirrors and 3D representation, the starvation wall and the wooden St. Michael church.

Petrin hillPetrin hill

7. Visit one of Prague's farmer's markets during your city break

In Prague, farmers' markets are extremely popular and take place with great regularity. At a Farmers Market you can buy all kinds of fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables, herbs, fresh fish, handicrafts and much more. You can also order homemade coffee, good wine, a fresh juice or cold beer. As well as various dishes like sandwiches, pancakes, hamburgers and local specialties. A visit to a farmer's market is really an experience. Sometimes you can enjoy live music or sit down at a picnic table. Each Farmer Market has other nice extras.

Most farmer's markets run from March to November. A number of them are also open in winter. Some markets are open on working days and others for example only on Sundays. Famous Farmers Markets are:

  • Boerenmarkt on the waterfront of Naplavka
  • The farmers' market of Prague 1, in the middle of the city centre
  • Boerenmarkt on the Kulaťák roundabout
  • The farmer's market on Jiřák Square
  • The farmer's market on Tylák square
  • The farmer's market in the Karlín district

8. One of the most beautiful sights just outside Prague: Karlstejn Castle

Czech Republic is the land of beautiful castles. There are few as beautiful as Karlstejn Castle in Prague. This attraction lies on top of a hill in beautiful green surroundings. From the center of Prague you are about 45 minutes by car to the castle. The Middle Ages comes alive in Karlstejn Castle. Take a look at the bastions and old drawbridges, the beautifully restored halls and rooms and walk around the nearby historic village with nice shops and cafes. Tip: opt for a guided tour to find out everything about the history of the castle.

Karlstejn PragueKarlstejn

9. Prague: Extensive shopping, good food & nightlife

Prague is bursting with cosy restaurants and pubs. You can eat out in the city. Moreover, life in Prague is cheap. You can order a delicious dish for less than a tenner. The quality of the food in most restaurants is excellent. The choice is wide: meat, fish, Mexican, sweets, hamburgers, luxury sandwiches, salads and more.

If you want to shop during the city trip, then Prague is the place to be. In Prague you will find shops in all shapes and sizes. Clothing stores like H&M and Zara, but also clothing stores with expensive branded clothing. Prague also has plenty of souvenir shops, jewellers, furniture shops and other nice shops. Many handmade products such as glassware, jewelry or furniture are a lot cheaper than in the Netherlands. Famous shopping areas are Parizska street, the street Na Prikope, the shopping center Palladium, the square Vaclavske Namesti and the outlet center Fashion Arena.

Getting out can be very good in Prague. Linger at night on one of the many terraces or in one of the characteristic coffee houses. Enjoy live music in a cosy wine bar, discover different types of beer in a Prague beer house or dance in one of the clubs. A well-known disco is for example Karlovy Lazne.

10. Spending the night in Prague: from camping to luxury hotel

Prague has a large number of hotels. You can stay overnight in Prague in both a simple hostel and a luxury star hotel. Because of the price you don't have to leave it. You can stay in a 4 star luxury hotel in the centre of Prague for less than 100 euros. In some hostels, such as the Golden Sickle Hostel, you can stay for less than 10 euro per night. Of course you can also choose another accommodation. For example, sleep in a tent on a campsite or rent a room in a bed & breakfast.

11. By plane, car or train on city trip to Prague

For a city trip of a day or a long weekend in Prague, the airplane is the preferred means of transport. From several Dutch airports you fly in about 1.5 hours to airport Prague-Ruzyně about 10 kilometers from the city center. You can also travel to Prague by car or train. The distance from Utrecht is about 850 kilometres. The journey takes about 9 to 10 hours. Not ideal for a day or weekend in Prague, but fine if you go on a city trip for a full week. Have you arrived in Prague? Then you can travel on foot or take the tram, metro, bus or taxi. Renting a bike is also a great option.

Tram Prague

12. Day, weekend or week Prague: Our tips and tricks

  • Sturdy shoes: Wear sturdy and comfortable shoes during the city trip. During a day or weekend and especially during a week in Prague, you usually walk a lot.
  • Price level:The price level in Prague is low. Most restaurants, shops and accommodations are cheaper than in other European cities.
  • City pass: Do you want to visit several places of interest in Prague? Then you can choose the Prague City Pass. With this pass, several of Prague's sights are free, including Prague Castle, the Jewish Museum, the hop-on-hop-off bus tour and a boat trip on the Vltava. Other attractions as well as restaurants and shops offer discounts. You can also take free public transport within the city limits and to the airport.
  • Best travel period: Spring and autumn are the best seasons for a city trip to Prague. Then the temperatures are most pleasant. In summer it can be quite hot, so airy clothing, sunglasses and sunburn are necessary. In winter it is often cold, but very atmospheric. Especially around Christmas.
  • Valuta: In Prague you pay with Czech crowns. At the airport you can easily exchange your euros. Sometimes you can also exchange money in a hotel in Prague.

Prague in the snow

13. Book a city trip to Prague: compare travel providers

Ponderful buildings, a rich history, nice farmers markets, many cozy restaurants, cafes and nightlife and cozy neighborhoods. There is plenty to do in Prague! When are you going on a city trip to Prague for a day, weekend or full week?

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Prague, Czech Republic

Camping in the capital PragueA campsite in Prague, located in the eastern part of the municipality, in green surroundings but with a direct bus connection to the city centre.Ideal for a city tripThe 4-star campsite Sokol is a wonderful place for families with children, but also for other campers. Ideal for a short city trip to the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic or a longer holiday with the occasional day in town.Unesco listThe whole of Prague's historic centre is listed as a UNESCO landmark and it is also a great city to eat out or have a drink in one of the atmospheric cafés or coffee houses. Camping Sokol Praha itself also provides city tours with its own van.Cosy atmosphere after a strenuous dayAt this campsite in the Czech Republic there is a lovely swimming pool to take a refreshing dip in the evening after a strenuous day in town. There is a separate children's pool for children. They can also enjoy jumping on the trampoline and table tennis. What is more striking is the friendly atmosphere and the fine facilities.Prague is the city of one hundred towersPrague is also called the 'City of a hundred towers'. You can really find all kinds of architectural styles in this centuries-old metropolis. The city has an authentic atmosphere, you really feel like you're in the past. This is mainly because Prague, as one of the few large European cities, was practically spared during the Second World War. Camping Sokol is also a great base from which to explore the rest of the picturesque, rural Czech Republic.

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